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Jul 2, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in pleasanton, where they are celebrating the grilling season in a big way. >> reporter: very big way. it's not unusual for them to cook up hundreds of pounds of meat for burgers at the alameda county fair, but hundreds of pounds of meat in a single burger? that's what's going on here inside that box. the reason? try to make the world's largest hamburger and raise money for charity. unless you're on a ride with the wind in your face, the farrakhan be pretty hot. as these folks have the hottest job of all, trying to cook up the world's biggest hamburger. you slap your hands into a tub of meat and pack the custom- made burger form. >> we need to break the 590- pound record, which is set from canada. we are starting with 600 pounds of ground beef, and then we're then cooking that for 10 hours. >> reporter: because the burger starts out at about 600 pounds or so, you climb right up on the grill to get the cooking started. to be sure it gets cooked, you wrap it with aluminum foil. everything about attempting to grill a world record burger is a challenge. >> we can say we've cooked meat before
Jul 17, 2011 5:30pm PDT
happened this weekend for granted. >> we'll have a big period like we did this time around to really do the outreach so everybody understands. >> part two of this demolition project is doesn'ted to take 53 hours as well, however, instead of three concrete girters that need to come down, there will be four next year, and instead of two concrete columns, there will be twice as m. today the man in charge wants to use the same tactic to get people not to get into their cars next summer. however, the big question is how many people will do that considering what happened this weekend. for now, we're in the -- pass. >> all right. live in los angeles, thank you. >>> thousands of soccer fans watched the women's world cup final on the big screen today. a free public viewing of the game was held at civic center plaza in san francisco. u.s. soccer team facing japan in what was an exciting game. going into penalty kick. jennifer is going to have complete highlights in sports, not going to give it away. >>> a free woman and no one knows where she is, not even her mother. >> she's going to need some i
Jul 23, 2011 5:30pm PDT
single off the brewers closer john ashford. after seven innings in the big league, keppinger is thrilled to finally be on a winning team. >> the idea in this game is to win ball games and this team was doing it without me so i don't want to come in and mess that up in any way. i just want to come in and be a part of the team and do whatever i can to help contribute. >> are you looking forward to going to the white house on monday? >> they're going monday. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure one more in the party would be great. >> yeah, sure. >> i look forward to it. [ laughter ] >> never been. >> it gets better and better. >>> golf now. a 65 and a one shot lead for the leader after three rounds at the canadian open. john daly is tied for 5th, three shots back. >>> mark calcavecchia is at the top of the leader board at the british open but blew a three stroke lead after a triple bogey on 13 and another bogey on 16. luckily he finishes with a great tee shot on 18 with an easy birdie putt to get him back to seven under tied for the lead. >>> stage 20 of the tour de france. a time trial, kadell evans
Jul 24, 2011 5:30pm PDT
her return. >>> tomorrow is a big day for the san francisco giants. as the reigning world champions they are scheduled to meet with president obama at the white house. the president is also expected to recognize the team for its work in giving back to the community. the meeting takes place at 1:00 our time. san francisco marid lee is expected to attend. incident that sparked a >>> i think the hand-holding day should be come an international holiday for everybody. >> a bay area museum says it's okay to hold hands there. the incident that sparked the show of support. to get bac feds who still don't recognize same- se marriage. >> fears and tears across new york as hundreds of gay couples get married. how gay couples plan to get back at the feds who still don't recognize same-sex marriage. >> jim bernard here in the cbs 25 weather center, warning, low clouds for the escape from alcatraz ramirez, we have a warmup coming towards the end of the week. i'll have the details womaning up in just a few minutes. >>> "eyewitness news" is brought to you by xfinity. ,, man: everybody knows you sho
Jul 30, 2011 5:30pm PDT
the passengers were taken off the plane. >> everything seemed normal. suddenly there was a big rumble and you could feel the plane shaking and something was really wrong. >> the f.a.a. and delta are investigating. >>> thousands lacing up for one final lap. >>> march the penguins. not the movie. >>> continued mild conditions across the bay as we see some thunderstorms brewing around the central valley. we will take at all the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> eyewitness news is brought to you in part by your honda dealer. see and discover the great values now being offered. >>> with a traditional good luck lion dance san francisco's new visitation library opened today. nearly 10,000 square feet. four times the size of the old library. includes a large chinese collection that served the chinese population. outdoor landscaping and sculptures. it cost more than $13 million paid for by a bond measure several years ago. >>> it has been a bay area landmark for more than 30 years but this weekend the owners of a roller skating rink are countin
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5